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Thank you so much! I am loving the new planner and how easy it is to keep track of the many things we need to keep track of. :) It's given me a great starting part on my goal to help get my information more streamlined.

Now to just figure out a system for keeping track of interventions. You know how there is always something new being added to keep track of.

You have created a wonderfully thought out system that is simple enough to jump into using and be able to take advantage of more organization right away!

Thank you thank you thank you!

Nicole C


"This planner is awesome! It's so colorful and I love the inspirational sayings and quotes. Being a special education teacher I love the planner pages so I can map out multiple grades and subject areas and the Accommodations section is great so I can see all my kids in one place and not have to flip through 10 pages. Looking forward to an organized year!!"



"I love organization, and this planner is perfect. It has everything I need to keep track of daily activities. . ."



"My planner shipped faster then I expected and it is amazing! It is sturdy for daily use and has already the components that I will need throughout the year! I will definitely buy this next school year! Thank you, one less thing to have to worry about."